28th April 2022 | Pharma Updates

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Glenmark earns the Government of India's 'India Pharma Innovation of the Year' Award

Glenmark was named winner of the ‘India Pharma Innovation of the Year’ Award and runner-up in the ‘India Pharma CSR of the Year’ category at the India Pharma & India Medical Device Awards 2022.

J&J took legal action to halt the sale of 'dangerous' counterfeit HIV drugs

Johnson & Johnson has sued medication wholesalers and a pharmacy to halt the sale of counterfeit versions of its HIV treatments, months after Gilead Sciences Inc. launched a similar complaint.

Lupin and Yabao establish Strategic Partnership in China

Lupin Limited announced a strategic alliance with Yabao Pharmaceutical Co. Inc. to satisfy the growing demand for quality pharmaceuticals with paediatric formulations in Chinese markets.

In the pharmaceutical sector, India has a threefold advantage in terms of cost, quality, and scale

In the pharmaceutical sector, India has a triple edge in terms of cost, quality, and scale, which needs to be capitalised on, according to S. Aparna, Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals.

Bugworks begun work on a medicine to combat Covid-type infections

Bugworks, based in Bengaluru, announced that it has begun developing antiviral medication that could be used against single-strand RNA viruses such as Coronavirus and Flavivirus.

Pfizer and Biohaven secure migraine approval in Europe

According to Pfizer and Biohaven, the medicine, which comes in the shape of an orally disintegrating tablet, is the first to be authorised in Europe to treat and prevent the devastating illness.

Walgreens and drugmakers blame others for the opioid crisis in San Francisco

Walgreens Boots Alliance and other defendants claimed they were not to responsible for San Francisco’s opioid issue and that they performed properly while supplying authorised prescriptions to people in pain.