28th March 2022 | Pharma Updates

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Bitter pill to swallow: essential drugs will soon be 10% more expensive

National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority announced 10.7% increase in Wholesale Price Index of the National List of Essential Medicines for the calendar year 2021 over the same period in 2020.

Serum Institute seeking EUA for its rBCG tuberculosis vaccine

Serum Institute has submitted to the Drugs Controller General of India for an emergency use permit for their recombinant BCG (rBCG) vaccine for tuberculosis prevention.

Sapigen Biologix partnered with TDB to develop a covid, malaria vaccine

TDB and Bharat Biotech have donated Rs 200 crore each to build a Rs 400 crore continuous corpus for the research and commercialization of two new vaccines- the Intranasal COVID-19 Vaccine and the RTS, S Malaria Vaccine.

GSK-Vir COVID therapy is unlikely to be effective against the BA.2 variant

The current allowed dose of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK.L) and Vir Biotechnology’s (VIR.O) COVID-19 antibody treatment is unlikely to be effective against the Omicron BA.2 variation, according to the USFDA.

Covid infection has been associated to an increased risk of neuropathy

During the early months of the epidemic, some patients infected with Covid-19 suffered peripheral neuropathy, pain, tingling, and numbness in their hands and feet.

Drugmakers and scientists are on the lookout for long-acting COVID therapies

Following the development of vaccines and therapies for acute COVID-19 in record time, researchers and drugmakers are now focusing on finding a solution for long COVID.

Potential Dermatology Drug Approvals from the American Academy of Dermatology 2022

AAD 2022 meeting was jam-packed with vital new data on therapies for a wide range of skin conditions. Among the many prospective dermatological therapy approvals are topical ruxolitinib for vitiligo and bimekizumab for psoriatic arthritis.

The tobacco ties of Medicago endanger the expansion of its COVID shot

The Canadian vaccine maker Medicago’s COVID-19 vaccine, which was approved last month, is facing limited growth after the WHO stated that it would not review the vaccine.

Innovent and Lilly Expand Oncology Strategic Partnership

Innovent and Eli Lilly stated that, in light of both parties’ shared commitment to continuing to harness each other’s capabilities, the strategic relationship will now be expanded to include cancer.

FDA denied a request to approve a novel drug combination in NSCLC

FDA has rejected Eli Lilly’s proposal to market an investigational medication as first-line treatment option for patients with NSCLC.