28th September 2021 | Pharma Updates

CPhI collaborates with Informa Pharma Intelligence to present Third BioPharma Conclave

This two-day event will be held on 29-30th September 2021.

MBU pharmacy students refused registration

The Pharmacy Council of Himachal Pradesh has refused to register pharma students of Manav Bharti University.

India’s Drug Pricing Authority fixes Price of 23 Formulations

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has fixed the price of 23 formulations, including those used to treat HIV, epilepsy, heart attack, high BP and type 2 diabetes.

How weak laws are costing lives

Lack of training, outdated record-keeping systems and very few staff members also leave drug inspectors unfit to enforce recalls and root-cause analyses.

New Findings of immune 'sentinel' cells may help in cancer treatment

The scientists studied the effect of eliminating few proteins in immune cells that were liable for controlling the ability of cells to quiet or switch off genes.

MedTech industry suggests MDTAG representation in Centre’s Committee to outline medical devices, new drugs act

Industry specialists have upheld that there is also a need to take the NITI Aayog bill forward to direct medical devices separately from drugs.

Need better policies to avoid Meningocele

Good diet and diagnostic tests during pregnancy can help prevent neuro disorders in newborns.