4th July 2022 | Pharma Updates

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Two Delhi CGHS doctors suspended for supporting a pharmaceutical company

For allegedly prescribing specific medications to favour a particular pharma company, two central government health scheme (CGHS) doctors have been suspended, and a few others may also face disciplinary action.

Retail prices for 84 drug formulations set by the drug pricing agency NPPA

Retail prices for 84 prescription formulations, including those used to treat diabetes, headaches, and high blood pressure, have been set by the drug pricing authority NPPA.

Abbott claims drugs labelled as substandard are fake

The pharmaceutical manufacturer Abbott claimed that the batches of the thyroid drug Thyronorm that Telangana’s Drugs Control Administration (DCA) has deemed to be “not of standard quality” are fake and were neither created or distributed by the business.

Conference on developing a digital healthcare ecosystem organized by Health Bondhu

For the first time in Bangladesh’s capital, Health Bondhu organized a conference on developing a digital healthcare ecosystem. The largest digital healthcare aggregation platform starting its path to become a hub for all healthcare providers.

GSK's new vaccine hire looks beyond Covid for next hit

Nearly two years after Pfizer Inc. ‘s global success, GSK Plc plans to introduce a Covid injection. The UK company engaged Phil Dormitzer to assist in reviving its vaccination division after it faltered during the pandemic.

US FDA approved LiveMetric's LiveOne watch like wearable blood pressure monitoring system

LiveOne, the first 510(k) US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized nano-sensor technology for measuring blood pressure every 10 seconds, was introduced by LiveMetric, a pioneer in medical wearable technology.

Novartis considering spinning off its $25 billion generics division

As a hard market for leveraged buyouts makes a prospective sale to private equity more complex, Novartis AG is pushing toward a spinoff of its generic pharmaceuticals unit.