5 Things to do while at Field work: For Pharma Professionals

1. Drink Water Regularly– While working in the field, we usually forget to drink & eat.  Unusual work and travel timings take a toll on health. Especially sales professionals in Pharma industry are very busy. But always remember to drink water every hour. Water is an important ingredient of our body. Always keep a bottle full of water & drink water regularly.
2. Call Your Home– Remember to make at least 1 call at your home. Getting in touch with call homeyour family members keeps you motivated. Never get disconnected with your family members in any case. Many a times, sales professionals forget to make calls to their near & dear ones. It should never happen.
3. Call Your Manager– Many pharma professionalsmanager

don’t  call up their managers. Don’t forget to make one call or Message to your manager as it always keeps the relationship between manager & subordinate healthy. More communication means more clarity. Try this once & you will see the difference in your relationship.
4. Plan for 5 minutes, before you start the day’s work – The worst mistake we make is that we plan_firstdo not plan before leaving for work. Believe me, a simple planning of 5 minutes makes a huge difference. Always remember- PLAN FIRST, Work thereafter!
5. Use technology to make life simpler- Note down any calenderimportant thing that you want to remember into your mobile calendar. It’s a type of smart work that you can do. Initially you may feel bit irritated to feed everything into the mobile, but slowly it becomes a habit & your life becomes simpler. Remember smart work is always better than hard work.

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