Zonal Sales Manager

A Day In The Life of Zonal Sales Manager of A Pharma Company

Zonal sales manager in a pharma company

In the year 2009, I joined a pharma company as a Medical Representative. After a few years of experience and learning, on 15th June 2019, I received an email from the HR of my company that “we are delighted to inform you that you are now promoted as Zonal Sales Manager”.

As a Zonal Manager, I always focused to make my zone more profitable.

Sometimes, there was immense pressure on me when there was a lockdown, market flux, or competitor was actively trying to outperform but, I always remained calm and composed to make the right decisions for making more profits for the company.

The zone covered by me had given immense growth and an exponential increase in revenue to the company.

How I managed to do it? Keep reading this blog post till the end. You will get an idea of how I spent my days as a Zonal Manager because that’s the secret of my success which I am sharing with you here.

I had scheduled and unscheduled meeting different personalities, observing marketing activities, and monitoring team members.

When I used to travel via cab or any other public transport, I had a habit of carrying a novel or any business magazine. Whenever I got time while travelling, I tried to read them. Yes, that’s how I managed to keep in touch with my hobbies. At other times I remained busy with my work.

My regional managers were trustworthy, and they always stood for achieving the targets. It was a clear understanding between me and my team that I was available in case of any issues.

I had made effective strategies and growth plans for my company.

Also, I had to coordinate with the Head Office and other departments.

My team members were well trained to handle any clarifications in the doctors’ chamber with their scientific and product knowledge.

Responding to a lot of emails was one of my priorities without hampering the fieldwork.

Sales targets to the RM were sets with the clear guidance to convince the doctors so as to motivate them for prescribing our products.

Also, I kept a close watch that my teammates collaborate more and try to outdo competition through effective selling.

 I still remember one day when poor results were visible for a few days. At that time, I immediately called a few of my regional managers for a meeting, and I asked them for inputs on how we can see the desired results in the coming few weeks. Every one of them had given good pointers. Afterwards, we had made a solid plan to improve sales.

From time to time, I also kept myself up to date with the competitors’ products and services, along with our company’s products and services, offers and schemes.

During joint work, I always tried to learn from every team member and even from seniors.

And, in joint calls, I had addressed every concern and query of the doctors with my teammates and that’s how we won their trust. So, that there is no room for confusion later on.

Sometimes our super seniors also used to join us, and they ask us how it is going. I always told them we are enjoying it. It is challenging and more rewarding.

On one occasion, I received a call for a joint call. When I reached that Doctor’s chamber, I heard the dissatisfying voice of that doctor. He was not really satisfied with our product. He was showing more inclination towards our competitors’ products. But what I saw, later on, our heavily burdened ABM stood up with strong valid points which were favourable for all of us. At that time, the Doctor also agreed to prescribe our product in future.

At the end of the conversation was quite pleasant with lighter minds, subsequently we went to nearby Dhaba for sipping cup of tea.

Wrapping Up

When I was working as a pharma sales representative; I used to think about what managers do all day.  We are the real heroes but the case is different. 

Everyone in a pharma company is contributing.

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