Branded v/s Generic Drugs (Survey no. PSS/072019002)


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Why this survey was done?

There are two types of pills available at the pharmacy stores – Branded and Generic Drugs.

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, generic drugs are as effective as branded drugs. Generic drugs have similar active ingredients. One of the differences between the two is that branded drugs are a bit costlier.

Why are branded drugs costlier?

Manufacturers of branded drugs have to conduct several clinical trials to prove the effectiveness and safety of the drug. These clinical tests are costly, and drug makers shift some of these costs to the consumer.

To know which one pharma professionals preferred out of the two, PharmaState conducted a survey. A total of 427 pharma professionals participated in this survey. No modifications have been done to the survey result.

We asked five questions to all the participants of this survey.

Our first question to all the respondents was, do you think Branded drugs are more efficacious than Generic Drugs?

62.1 per cent of the respondents said yes branded drugs are more efficacious than generic drugs while the rest of the respondents said no.

Do you think for Developing countries like India, Generic drugs are the more suited option?

In response to our second question, 61.1 per cent of the participants responded yes to this question on the other hand 39.6 per cent said no.

Do you think manufacturers ensure that generics, apart from being cheap, are also safe for the patient?

60 per cent of the respondents reported positively, they completely agreed with this that manufacturers ensure that generics are safe for the patient.

Our next question was, do you think Quoting lower rates in tenders for bulk manufacturing leads to lower Quality Generics?

69.1 per cent of the surveyed are the ones who think that quoting lower rates in tenders for bulk manufacturing leads to lower quality generics.

The next question was which one would you prefer to use for yourself and your family-Branded or Generic Drug?

18.7 per cent reported generic drugs, with 55.3 per cent branded drugs and 26 per cent responded that whichever was available.

Our last question to our participant was, why do you prefer Branded or Generic drugs as your choice?

Out of 427 participants, we received 289 responses as suggestions or opinions. Some pharma professionals said that the question should be, what is generic or branded as per your understanding?

Majority of the respondents’ response was more inclined towards the cost, effectiveness and ingredients of the generic drugs. Also, few responses showed more positivity to the efficacy, quality and safety of the branded drugs.

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