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What men and women in pharma industry must know!!!

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In these discussion series, we will discuss the various aspects of Women In Pharma. The past, present & future of Women involvement in pharma will be discussed. We request your active participation in these sessions to discuss the SWOT pertaining to Women Workforce In Pharma.


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Women's Day Quiz

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International Women’s Day is celebrated as official holiday in how many countries around the world?

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When is the International Women’s Day celebrated worldwide?

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In which year the International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time?

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On which year the International Women’s Day was declared a ‘non-working’ day in USSR?

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Who is the author of the poem- phenomenal woman?

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Women perform the majority of the world's labour. What percentage of income do they then receive?

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From which year the United Nations gave official sanction to International Women’s Day and started funding it?

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Where were women first granted equal voting rights?

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What was the day on March 8, 1914, when the IWD was celebrated officially in the world?

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What did Virginia Woolf declare a woman needed if she were to write fiction?

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If IWD is celebrated in March, when is International Men's Day celebrated?

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In which year did the international women’s day got transferred to 8 March, from 28 February?

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What is the theme of UN International Women's Day for the year 2019?

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What were the root demands of the women which germinated the Idea of Women’s Day?

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In some regions the Women’s Day is celebrated wearing the ribbons of which colour?

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