Case Study: How to sell, when Side Effects of a Newly Launched Drug is a Concern!

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Patient type & Medication:
Patient Age – 29 years, Female
Medication – Contraceptive Pills
Prescribed dosage – Once a day
Side Effect: Pulsating Headache after taking the drug.
Problem statement: If there is a serious concern about side effect of a newly launched drug, how to sell it.
Thought Process: Actively Listen to the Side effects noted by the Doctor & take insights on the side effects. Discuss in detail with Doctor, what can be the future implications of these side effects? It’s important to take feedback from many users before considering these findings as final.   Report the side effects to Pharmacovigilance team as soon as possible. Now dive deep into data to find the correlation between clinical trials results & real-world settings results. Take the help from medical team of your company. Connect Doctors who have positive experience with doctors who have concerns pertaining g to side effects.
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Take away: Whenever a new Drug is launched, its safety & efficacy results matter a lot. Sometimes the results published in trials may not match with the real-world experience. Doctors may come up with bitter experience & may report to you. As sales personnel try to understand the insights given by Doctors. Never take the insights in a negative way. Try the find various scientific engagement activities & data dissemination techniques as mentioned above. For a new launch concept establishment takes time & don’t expect hike in sales of a newly launch product immediately. In case of side effects, Active listening & Scientific data dissemination is the key.
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