Case study: Selling Newer & Higher priced Sustained Release (SR)/Longer acting (LA) Drugs

Patient type & Medication:
Patient Age: 63 years, Male
Medication: Anti-hypertensive
Prescribed dosage: 3 times a day
Problem statement: How to position & Sell Newer Sustained Release (SR) or Longer Acting (LA) drug against Older versions which have multiple dosing schedule like TDS or BD.
Thought Process: Create a patient type for the HCP (Health Care Practitioner) Visualization & then establish the “Value” of Newer version of Drug. Finally connect the Value with its higher Costs.
Here are few Options that can be used. You can also mention statements that can be useful for this case in comment section.
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Take away: If proper patient type is explained & the Value of drug attached to treatment outcomes can be established, newer drugs with higher price tags can be sold easily. Remember Changing the Belief of HCPs will Change their Behaviour.
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