1.0       OBJECTIVE:
The objective of this SOP is:
1.1       To lay down a procedure for cleaning procedure of general microbiological testing area.
2.0       SCOPE:
2.1       This SOP is applicable for cleaning procedure of general microbiological testing area.
3.1       Microbiologist shall be:
3.1.1    Responsible for cleaning procedure of general microbiological testing area.
3.1.2    Responsible for maintained the record for the same.
Manager – Quality Control / Head – Quality Assurance
5.0       PROCEDURE:
5.1       Only the trained housekeeping person responsible for cleaning the area shall enter in the morning before starting and after completion of work under the guidance of supervision of microbiologist.
5.2       The disinfectant/germicidal solution used to clean sterility and microbiology Testing area shall be:
5.2.1    2.5%   v/v Dettol Antiseptic solution
5.2.2    2.5% v/v Savlon Antiseptic solution.
5.2.3    70% v/v Iso Propyl Alcohol
5.2.4    2.5 % v/v Lysol solution.
5.3       The disinfectant solution shall be freshly prepared for cleaning in sterility testing and microbiological testing area.
5.4       The disinfectant solution shall be used daily rotation to eliminate the possibility of development of resistance by microorganisms towards tie particular disinfectant over a period of its continuous use.
5.5       Washed and dried cloth shall be used for mopping of area and equipments. The cloth used for mopping shall be washed, cleaned and dried before reuse.
5.6       Clean the ceiling, fixture sand walls using a disinfectant solution with sterilized cotton cloth.
5.7       Wipe the floor with first dry cloth fallowed by mopping with a mop wetted the disinfectant solution.
5.8       The working benches shall be cleaned with a dry cloth fallowed by wiping the same with a mop wetted with the disinfectant solution.
5.9       Oven, Refrigerator and Autoclave and other Instruments.
5.9.1    Ensure before cleaning all instruments are switched off.
5.9.2    Scrubbing with soap fallowed by washing with water shall clean the SS sinks. And then mopped with cloth disinfectant solution.
5.9.3    Electrical switches shall be wiped with dry cloth .Ensure the electrical instruments are switched off before cleaning.
5.9.4    The door including glass window and glass panel should be first wiped with sterilized dry cloth fallowed by cloth wetted with disinfectant solution.
5.9.5    Empty all the waste bins every day .place the polythene bags in the waste bins to collect the waste and shall be cleaned thoroughly with cloth and disinfected with disinfectant.
5.9.6    Shoe racks should be wiped first with sterilized dry cloth fallowed by cloth wetted with disinfectant solution.
5.9.7    Clean all the instruments/equipments using a dry duster every day.
5.10     Frequency: Every weekend and after completion of any civil work.
5.10.1  Use safety goggles and hand gloves.
5.10.2  Put off the AHU.
5.10.3  Carry out the fumigation.
5.10.4  Switched off all forced ventilation systems before commencing fumigation.
5.10.5  Seal up any external ventilation grills if requires.
5.10.6  Immediately leave the area.
5.10.7  Lock the area or seal around with tape if required.
5.10.8  Label the area as ΄ Area Under fumigation ΄ /Do Not Enter   so that nobody enters the area.
5.10.9  Keep the area under fumigation for minimum 8-12 hours, best carried out over night.
5.10.10            Defumigation the room by putting on the AHU.
5.10.11            Check the area and all surfaces for fumigant residues and clean up as necessary.
5.10.12            A record must be kept for all daily, weekly and monthly cleaning including date area and result.

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