Content Creation for Pharma Digital Marketers and Brand Managers

In this era where we are all evolving into homo digitalis, pharma brand managers must look beyond traditional forms of promoting brands. Today, it is vital that you must get noticed. And how do you get noticed widely in the shortest possible time?

By crafting a digital marketing strategy and getting it implemented.

If your brand has a strong online presence, it will help you attract new padocumers* and increase their loyalty.

And how do begin or strengthen your online presence?

Creating valuable content that can help you, and the padocumers.

And how do you do that?

Create rich contents which match what the padocumers need.

These three tips may help.

  1. Content should be entertaining. 

.Your main goal is to engage your padocumers and get them interested in what you are sharing. You can create content that can make the padocumers laugh and amuse themselves.

Who says doctors cannot laugh? Use humor in your contents. Not the Bollywood slapstick comedy, but subtle and higher form of humor which you read in the works of Mark Twain or P. G. Wodehouse.

You can excite them. You can shock them. You can wow them!

Content creation in the form of a story can help you further.

Telling a story that will stand out amongst the hundreds of other pieces of content available on the internet and mobile apps is not an easy feat. It’s a skill you need to develop.

Intrusive marketing is a sin says Seth Godin. Use Permission Marketing, which he says is a technique where consumers themselves decide whether or not to permit companies to market to them.

When your contents are able to pull the padocumers towards you, getting permission wouldn’t be a hassle.

2. Content should not just be entertaining, it should be educative.

Educative contents build trust.

What can the padocumers learn from your content? Padocumers generally look on the internet for information that has answers to their questions. 

Questions are a critical component of educative content.

For instance, when I visit the Almighty Google, I literally type the question I have in my mind. Then Almighty Google leads me to a place where I find my answer.

The same is true in content writing. Answering questions which the padocumers are likely to ask will lead them to your content in the internet space.

So if you desire to go higher in SEO, you must answer the question which padocumers may ask. Ultimately you may be recognized as a thought-leader in your industry.

3. Empower your padocumers, especially the patients.

What is patient empowerment? World Health Organization defines it as process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting their health.

Padocumers, especially the patients will always be in need of empowerment, inspiration and motivation to make it through their patient journey successfully.

If your brand can make that promise and fulfill it then that will make it more valuable in their journey.

For patients, especially those with chronic disease, it is critical that they and their caregivers are empowered to be their own advocates.

Your content should be educative so patients feel empowered.

In conclusion, good content is the cornerstone of an effective online brand campaign. 

Using the three tips, you can establish yourself and your firm as trustworthy experts in your field. 

The content you create should be edutaining and empower the patients.

Your RODI will increase.

In fact, providing high-quality content is one of the most important things you can do to attract padocumers and create interest in your brand and your firm.

*Padocumers = Patients and doctors who are consumers and customers of pharmaceutical products

Written by:

Vivek Hattangadi – Chief Mentor
The Enablers & PharmaState Academy

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