Newer Digital Approaches for Engaging HCPs


As Healthcare professionals embrace digital, helping them to receive medical information through online platforms and assisting them in their day to day roles, Pharma companies must engage with the medical community digitally to stay relevant. Online platforms are widely used and offer a direct avenue for Pharma companies to best interact with HCPs.

What will you learn

In this course, you will learn about how collaboration between industry and healthcare professionals benefits patients. 

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Note: This course is part of learning series brought to you by PharmaState Academy in collaboration with Taylor & Francis Group with an objective to empower Pharma marketing & medical teams.

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Newer Digital Approaches for Engaging HCPs

Part 100:29:16
Part 200:21:34

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PharmaState PharmaState Academy is a global Learning and Development (L&D) platform for Pharma Industry. Our L&D program constitutes of both Offline and Online training modules which are prepared by the Industry Experts keeping in view the practical needs of Pharma Professionals. Our trainers are passionate about sharing their knowledge & helping their students to the maximum extent possible.
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Excellent Course

Awaiting today's (8th Jan) part 2 after attending part 1

good topic discussed

Great for beginners


Quite useful information and some practical tips. Look forward to subsequent sessions.

Very good session, I am very lucky to attend this class, very informative and knowledgeable video.
Thanks a lot.

good content

it's Eye opener for every strategy maker .it's give an insight that how Digital platform become a value addition tool

Very relevant topic, well explained.

Excellent course

Insightful and few pointer can be implemented for brand plan 22-23, how to increase patient footfall in clinic is my take home insight

Insightful and Informative

Nice and informative course

Very much excellent course

It has given great insight about degital requirements in current days in Pharma marketing.

Gained a Lot of Information.


The right course at right time.

Easy to understand

Newer Digital Approaches for Engaging HCPs

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  • Pharma Marketing
  • Pharma Sales
  • Medical Affairs

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