TABLETS: Concepts & Manufacturing in Pharma


Tablets are one of the most common and popular pharmaceutical dosage forms. It is one of the most complex dosage forms to manufacture. The course will discuss the basic concept of tablets and its manufacturing in easy and effective way.

What will you learn?

  • Basic concept of Tablets
  • Classifications of tablets
  • Manufacturing of tablets
  • Concept of compaction and consolidation
  • Tablet defects: case & remedies

Course USPs

  • Easy Language
  • Crisp and to the point presentation
  • FAQs

Who should take this course?

  • Pharmacy (B. Pharm./ M. Pharm. etc.), chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry students, research scholars and faculty members
  • Persons from R&D, F&D, production and QA/QC department of Pharma Industry
  • Everyone seeking job in pharma industry.

Language: Simple and Effective English

Course Availability: Lifelong & Self-paced Learning.

How to download course certificate: Watch Video

Topics for this course

8 Lessons01h 07m 40s

Tablets – Concept & Manufacturing

Chapter 1: Definition & Classification of Tablets with Advantages & Disadvantages12:40
Chapter 2: Excipients00:08:51
Chapter 3: Granulation for Tablet Manufacturing – Part 100:05:00
Chapter 4: Granulation for Tablet Manufacturing – Part 200:09:33
Chapter 5: Tablet Compression00:16:44
Chapter 6: Tablet Defects & Their Remedies00:14:52


Quiz: Check Your Understanding

About the instructor

Professional Qualifications: M. Pharm. (Pharmaceutics), MBA (Operations Management); Ph. D. (Chemistry and Pharmacy), PDF Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan.

Experience: Total >18 Yrs


  •  Listed in World's top 2 % Scientist of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (by Stanford University research 2020)
  • International Award: Awarded Daiko Foundation Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship and invited by Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan as visiting scientist for Research for FY 2011-12.
  • National award: Received the prestigious Research Award (A National award given in every two year to the 100 teachers for excellence in research from all over the India covering all the subjects) in Pharmacy by UGC, New Delhi for 2016-18.
  • State Award: Young Scientist Award 2007 by Uttarakhand Council of Science & Technology (UCOST).

Associations and Affiliations

Member- The Asian Council of Science Editors.

  • Expert reviewer:  Iceland Research Foundation Iceland.; Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Israel.; Scientific Expert (REPRISE) for Ministry of Institution and University Research (MIUR), Italy; DST Govt. of India
  • Peer reviewer- Elsevier Books US.
  • Founder Vice President-Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI) of Uttarakhand State branch for year 2008-13.
  • Visiting Scientist, Faculty of Pharmacy, Meijo University Nagoya, Japan.
  • University SWAYAM Coordinator, SPOC- NPTEL Local Chapter.
  • Editorial Board Member of various national and International reputed journals.
  • Peer reviewer for various national and International journals of repute

Invited lectures Delivered: > 200 (OER, Academic writing, Nanoparticle research, Research methodology, Research ethics, Software in research, MOOC, blended/ flipped learning, research proposal writing, academic integrity, plagiarism, pharmaceutical research, industrial pharmacy, Pharm Tech etc.)

  • Funded Research Projects - 11 (More than 2.0 Crore)
  • Completed - 09 (01 international: 08 national from DST, AICTE, UGC)
  • Ongoing - 02 (02 from DAE)
  • M. Pharm Project Supervised - 25 (and 3 ongoing)
  • Ph D    supervised - 02
  • h index 26
  • Completed more than 11 projects from various funding agencies including DST,AICTE,UGC-DAE CSR and UGC and from abroad.
  • Papers - 81 (38 International, 43 National)
  • Citations >2000); total impact >90
  • Scientific Abstracts - 74 (14 International, 60 National)
  • Presented - 27 (05 International, 22 National)
  • Chapter in Book - 02 (01 International, 01 National) Books - 6 published and 05 In Press
  • Patents - 02
  • MOOCs (SWAYAM Online Course) - 02 completed (Academic Writing & Industrial pharmacy) With more than 38000 plus learners.
  • Course Coordinator - India’s Most Popular Course Academic Writing.
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3232 students


Material Includes

  • 6 Learning Videos
  • 2 Quizzes
  • 2 FAQ Documents
  • Course Certificate

Enrolment validity: Lifetime

Target Audience

  • Pharmacy (B. Pharm./ M. Pharm)
  • Chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry students
  • Research scholars and faculty members
  • Persons from R&D F&D, Production and QA/QC
  • Everyone seeking job in pharma industry.

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