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Why this Learning Path?

This learning path is specially designed for the pharma industry & professionals who want to keep pace with the changing business environment due to impact of digital. The competition is not only in the physical world but its growing pretty fast in the digital world too. This learning path will assist you in understanding the latest digital concepts as well as their implementation in pharma business.

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Session 3June 2022
RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

Use Robotics to make the monotonous repetitive activities on automation mode & focus on other important work while technology is working fantastically in the background for you.

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Session 4July 2022
Establishing Omnichannel communication with consumers and customers
Session 5Aug 2022
Visualizing Data through Analysis and custom dashboards
Session 6Sept 2022
Social listening and Online reputation management
Session 7Oct 2022
Visual aid designing Vs Html page designing
Session 8Nov 2022
Writing SEO friendly content that rank organically
Session 9Dec 2022
Internal communication of organization
Session 10Jan 2023
Blogging and Microblogging for pharma companies
Session 11Feb 2023
Data Privacy and Protection. Safeguarding your IP
Session 12March 2023
Importance of IT technology training for pharma teams

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