Do our eyes speak?

Do our eyes speak?

Ever wondered why we believe some people more than others? A simple ‘Sorry’ from one
friend means the world to us but a cascade of lovely words expressing the same emotion
from another has no effect on us whatsoever.

I always wondered why this used to happen? Was it only me or others who had the same
reactions – I asked a lot of people and they had gone through similar experiences. So why is it that we feel one person is sincere and the other just mouthing the words supposed to
make us feel better.

BODY LANGUAGE – that’s the answer! Your body speaks – it conveys a lot more than what
your words do. In fact, if the words and the body language of a person do not match then I
would prefer to base my observations and conclusions on body language rather than just the words. Believe me the Body does not lie!

Just take your eyes as an example – a wealth of expressions can convey exactly what you
are feeling.

Why is this form of nonverbal communication so important in pharma marketing?

That because as a product manager or a GPM or a Marketing Head you are constantly
meeting stakeholders collectively responsible for the success of your brand. If they sense
that you seem to be not so confident of success, or not very sure about a campaign or even
lacking in courage to forge ahead, believe me they will hesitate to play their part.
It is very important for anyone in marketing to convey the same message through words,
expressions and other signals. Communication as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is – ‘The transmission or exchange of information, knowledge, or ideas, by means of speech, writing, mechanical or electronic media’ – but communication is also done without using words or mails and it is AS IMPORTANT as other means.

In the book – ‘What does the 21 st century CEO want from the Brand Manager?’ the topic of
communication is covered in a variety of chapters the main being in Chapter 3.