Does Passion have a twin?

In my earlier post, I wrote about the most important P – Passion. Actually, Passion is just one side of the coin. The other side which is equally important and inseparable from success is yet another P – For Perseverance.

Cambridge dictionary defines Perseverance as ‘continued effort to do or achieve something even when it is difficult or takes a long time. Perseverance originally comes from the Latin Perseverantia and means to abide by something strictly. If you ask me then Perseverance is simply ‘Just not giving-up’.

We have often heard the saying – Discipline achieves what ambition seeks’. Its true that Passion is definitely the fuel to get going but Perseverance makes sure that we are at our task every day without any excuse.

One thing common to both Passion and Perseverance is the fact that they are within us – can’t be found in seminars or books or in the marketplace. Absolutely free for each one – All one has to do is dip into his/her inner pool of resources and there you are!  

I know that not every day we are going to have the same level of energy and determination – we are human after all and the best is different each day. Someday we find ourselves with boundless energy and drive but we also have days when getting out of bed seems a superhuman task. So how do we make sure we are at the task at hand without fail – how do we ensure we are perseverant?

Some tips to ensure this

1.    Whenever low – remember the time when you showed perseverance. There is no better inspiration than yourself.

2.    Live in the moment – Don’t let yesterday’s event or tomorrow’s worries make you incapable of working today.

3.    Some days even a small step will do – Don’t beat yourself up comparing your work of today with other days.

4.    At the end of the day – write down whatever you did to get nearer your goal. You are your own hero.

So here’s to both the Ps – May we be fuelled with Passion and chiseled by Perseverance.