Do’s & Dont’s in Microbiology Lab

Objective :

To lay down the procedure of Do’s and Don’ts to be followed in Microbiology Laboratory.


Applicable to Microbiology Lab.


All persons working in Microbiology Lab.


Do’s in Microbiology Lab

  • Always maintain cleanliness & hygienic conditions in Lab.
  • Personal hygiene and good habits should be practiced while working in Microbiology Laboratory.
  • Immediately clean the testing area after completion of the work using disinfectant solution.
  • Extensive Care & precautions should be exercised while working in Lab.
  • Ensure no contamination should happen while handling the samples.
  • “Entry-Exit Procedure for Microbiology” Lab should be strictly followed.
  • Always wear clean Lab coat/Apron.
  • Display Instructions in different areas & they shall be followed strictly.
  • Before starting your job & after completion, wash & sanitize your hands with Antiseptic solution.
  • Switch ON the Laminar Air Flow at least 30 minutes prior to starting up the activity.
  • Always use MILLI-Q / Purified water for the preparation of media, assay dilutions and other microbiological work.
  • Always use proper gowning, face mask, head caps & clean gloves while working in Lab.

  Don’ts in Microbiology Lab

  • Do not enter in the area in case of any cut / wound on the body.
  • Do not enter in the area in case of ill health condition.
  • Avoid coughing, sneezing and yawning in the testing area.
  • Do not wear dirty Aprons or Uniforms in Lab.
  • Don’t use dirty, unclean or punctured garments or gloves.
  • Do not carry any ornaments, earrings, wrist watch or any such unwanted articles along with you.
  • Do not chew, smoke, eat or drink in lab area.
  • Do not bring any food items along with you in lab area.
  • Avoid unnecessary contact with walls and other surface in areas.
  • Never pick up any items fallen on the floor with gloves or forceps in working rooms.
  • Never use exposed or contaminated media, reagents, water etc. in Microbiology Laboratory.
  • Do not bring unclean or any dirty articles in the Microbiology Laboratory.
  • Do not work with bare hands, without facemask, head cap and proper gowning in Microbiology Laboratory.

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