Frequently asked questions

As the live industry webinars and workshops will largely build on the knowledge of pre-recorded courses, we believe that learners should have ample time to focus on them. Hence, we have scheduled the live webinar and workshops after a considerable amount of time so that learners can first grasp domain knowledge, making their foundation strong, and then move on to practical knowledge. 

Learners will get notified as and when other material is available.

These will be live workshops and are scheduled to start in the first week of Oct 2023. Before every workshop, learners will be notified. 

The content will be a blend of both live and pre-recorded. 

No. You will have access to the course material throughout the subscription period. So learners can complete the material at their own pace.

The live workshops will have timings, which will be notified to the learners in advance. Pre-recorded courses, Interview Question Kit, Mini-byte courses, and the Newsletter will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We send the course reminders at regular intervals so that learners can be consistent in their learning and complete the courses on time. However, we understand that different learners will have different paces, so learners are free to complete the courses in their own time. 

You cannot opt out of the weekly reminders, but be assured that your learning will not be impacted.

No. All the course material is proprietary to PharmaState Academy, and to avoid unauthorized use, we don’t let the users download it. However, registered learners can access them from the website at any time.

To ensure that learners absorb the course content, at the end of every course section we have included a quiz. This will allow the learners to test their knowledge and identify gaps in their learning. 

Milestone quizzes are compulsory, and timely reminders to complete them will be sent to the learner.

No. The subscription period is 1 year from the date of your registration, and you will have access to the courses only during your subscription period. 

Yes. You will receive certificates on completion of each pre-recorded section (i.e., marketing course, sales course, manufacturing course, personality development course), on attending industry webinars, and then one certificate after completion of the My First Job Module. 

To motivate learners, we have set up the MFJM (My First Job Module) Leaderboard, on which the top learners will get ranked among the other registered learners.  They will be ranked based on the MFJM learning points they earn. Learners with the highest points will be ranked first.

These points can be earned by completing certain learning activities that are listed in the learning path.