H2H Marketing – Humans Have Problems and Marketers Have To Find Solutions

Hello everyone. How does Philip Kotler, the grand guru of marketing, define marketing? Today, we marketers generally have a tendency of speaking either B2B, meaning business to business, or B2C, meaning business to consumer. However, think of it, do businesses have emotions? Products do not have emotions!

Of course, humans do. Humans have feelings! It is humans who make mistakes. Humans express happiness. Humans express sadness, anger, and disgust.

It is the humans who have problems and it’s the marketers who have to find solutions. Therefore, today, Kotler defines marketing as first identify a problem, a real human problem, develop a mindset, and then find a solution to this real human problem using service-dominant logic and design thinking. This is a simple definition of H2H Marketing. Let me conclude by asking, is there anything more powerful than a human being who believes that you’re human beings matter?

Written by: Vivek Hattangadi – Chief Mentor The Enablers & PharmaState Academy

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