How To Become High Performing Medical Representative

With all my team support and guidance, I brought good revenue for my company this quarter.

How was I able to do that?

I kept myself up to date with product knowledge. When you know about product features and benefits, you can easily convince your potential and existing customers.

I also used to seek feedback from my manager. That’s how you can evaluate your performance and implement the required changes within yourself in time. Apart from this, I tried to learn from every joint call and joint work and improve my communication skills. 

With my time management skills, I managed to do my work on time. Also, I had never taken any product training lightly. As I was not from a science background, I always tried to learn as much as possible about drugs and devices’ features and benefits.

When you become an MR of a pharma company/biotech/life sciences company, you have an onus to build an image of your company in the market. So I did the same. You also have to keep an eye on the market.

During conversations with pharmacists and doctors, I had always used my skill sets to promote my company’s products every day. I was doing this not just for the sake of selling. I was doing it to develop more connections, referrals and better product recall in the market.  Frequently, I had to confidently communicate about dosage, clinical usage with doctors, pharmacists and chemists.

But this was all I was not doing alone. I had a good manager & Because of him, I was able to do it. He never allowed any stress to hamper his team performance. We as a team managed to exceed and meet our target successfully.

I still remember once I had requested him for a mobile application for reporting purposes. Within a week, he brought such an application for all the medical representatives of our company. It helped us in submitting daily reports, order management, follow-ups management, etc., on the go.

One late evening, my manager opened the report which I had sent to him with that all-new mobile application. Somehow, he found that I am not meeting his expectations for a while. He called me up for a meeting; we discussed it for around 2.5 hours. Both of us realized that I need training on a little virtual demonstration of the product. I was good at one-to-one in-person meetings with prospects and customers. But due to the coronavirus outbreak, that digital mode was new to me.

A few weeks later, he arranged a training session for me which went for few days. But after that training, he found my performance impressive and appreciated me for the same. I thanked him for that, and I am also thankful to my company, because of which I became what I wanted to be – a high-performing sales professional.

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