How CMEs Influence the Prescription Behaviour of Doctors?

How CMEs Influence the Prescription Behaviour of Doctors? | Press Release

Press Release | Delhi | 12th December 2022

“Digital CMEs have been low stress, a good value for the effort, simple and concise, and takes very little time”

– Dr. Asthana, Cardiovascular Surgeon, New Delhi

PharmaState Academy, a learning and development platform for the Pharma industry, hosted an insightful webinar for pharma professionals interested in learning more about how CMEs play a crucial role in influencing the Prescription behavior of Doctors. PharmaState Academy in collaboration with Omnicuris organized a live interactive session titled “How CMEs Influence the Prescription Behaviour of Doctors?”.

While CME (Continuing Medical Education) is a tool for doctors to keep their knowledge and skills up to date, it also spectacularly influences doctors in their prescription behavior. Pharma companies use this approach to influence doctors into prescribing their specific products.

The panel consisted of Sourav Das (Founder & CEO – MyRx), Ashok Bhattacharya (Global Healthcare Consultant), and Shivangi Shrivastava (Marketing Manager – Omnicuris) as the moderator. 

The session was started by Dr. Swati Sinha by welcoming the speakers and the moderator and giving a brief introduction and overview of the event. As the event progressed, a good set of questions concerning pharma professionals currently were answered by the esteemed speakers. 

Dr. Ashok Battacharya brought into light a very important process of how scientific evidence is used to generate protocols by marketers in the industry and accordingly how CMEs are created that finally influence the prescription habits of physicians. Along with the general conversations around the subject, Ms. Shivangi Shrivastava presented a case study that demonstrated the process of devising strategies to improve the marketing and sales of products by bridging the gap between science and its implementation in the market. Moreover, how these strategies are used to boost the market share of the said product/drug/molecule. Other panelists also contributed to the intriguing discussion by discussing various aspects of sales and marketing with respect to CMEs.

The webinar addressed many pharma-related questions about CMEs and their significance, along with a stimulating analysis of marketing requirements these days. The participants were able to understand and gain amazing insights about the topic owing to the interactive session.

In case you missed the session or want to watch it again, do check it out here>