Important SOPs for Microbiology Department in Pharmaceutical Industry


  1. SOP for aerobic microbial count
  2. SOP for operation and maintenance of microscope
  3. SOP for operation and maintenance of BOD incubator
  4. SOP for sterility testing
  5. SOP for calibration, operation and maintenance of air sampler
  6. SOP for microbiology cleaning and disinfection
  7. SOP for operation and maintenance of colony counter
  8. SOP for preparation and handling of microbiology media
  9. SOP for bacterial endotoxin test
  10. SOP for microbiology sampling and handling
  11. SOP for microbiology facility entry and exit procedure
  12. SOP for microbiology testing of purified water
  13. SOP for operation and cleaning of laminar air flow (LAF)
  14. SOP for operation and maintenance of incubators
  15. SOP for good laboratory practices: microbiology
  16. SOP for sterilization of media
  17. SOP for sterilization of glassware and accessories
  18. SOP of operation and cleaning of autoclave
  19. SOP for destruction of media
  20. SOP for garment sterilization
  21. SOP for calibration of micro pipettes
  22. SOP for cleaning of dynamic pass box
  23. SOP for monitoring of UV lamp efficiency
  24. SOP for microbiological monitoring of compressed air
  25. SOP for qualification of biological indicators
  26. SOP for microbiological monitoring of clean rooms and microbiology section
  27. SOP for sub culturing and maintenance
  28. SOP for gram staining
  29. SOP for identification of specified organisms
  30. SOP for growth promotion test
  31. SOP for preservative efficacy test
  32. SOP for operation and maintenance of autoclave
  33. SOP for destruction of cultures

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