A newly appointed MR is an important asset to the whole organization.

Developing and grooming this vital human resource is one of the most important responsibilities of a Field Level Manager {FLM}.

Newly recruited TMR needs support, confidence and guidance. His success depends upon how he is inducted into the field

On the first day the FLM should spend about couple of hours with the MR before starting the field work. This time is to be utilised for:

  • Brief the MR about the company.
  • Provide an overview about the method of working.
  • Share with him a copy of the day’s work plan including the chemists. 
  • Demonstrate detailing with the visual aid.
  • Explain the ongoing campaigns, activities and sample plan.
  • Encourage him to handle the visual aid.

The actual working should be taken up by the FLM. The MR would be asked to observe and encouraged to seek clarifications. The opportunity to impress up on the MR the values and the preferred work habits must be fully utilized.

The field work must begin with a chemist call. The objectives for the Doctor call should be set on the basis of the chemist information and the prevailing situation. The method of setting objectives must be explained and his participation / suggestions should be invited.

  1. Two RCPA {Retail Chemist Prescription Audit} for two brands each must be done by the FLM from day one to five.
  2. On day four and five let the MR attempt RCPA for two brands at a third chemist. (apart from the two done by FLM. The FLM can then give him feedback on the same. The promotion of products to the Doctor must be based on the chemist information, product availability and the Doctors’ preference / prescribing habits.
  3. During the entire day’s work (For all five days) the FLM must:
  • Make a note of the chemist information in the diary / a proper note book.
  • Make a note of the Doctor call, Products promoted, call summary in the diary immediately after the call.
  •  At the end of the day the DCR for the day must be completed by the FLM for self and help the MR complete his report in all respects. (This must be observed on all five days)

Personal order booking:

Open the order book at every chemist and demonstrate personal order booking. The order booked must be handed over / conveyed to the distributor and the follow up regarding the delivery should be done during the five days. The delivery should be confirmed by calling up the chemist. You will need to take the phone number of the chemist for doing this. It is important that this should be done in the presence of the MR

 Kindly ensure that the above is also followed by the MR from day one onwards. The best way to ensure this would be to follow it yourself. All of the above are also to be explained to and expected from the MR. It is expected that the MR will emulate the work behavior, if not he should be Instructed to observe first and follow the same. At the end of each day the FLM will give the MR an assignment:

  1. Learning by heart the model detailing text for three brands and practice with visual aid in front of a mirror at home.
  2. Learning by heart the 2P2C for the same three brands. (2P2C: Price, pack, composition and competitors.) . This has to be completed by the MR at home before coming to work next day. Give him xerox copies for the relevant pages on each day. This pattern of giving assignments for the next day should be followed on all days to ensure the following objectives:
  3. On the fifth day the MR must be able to detail 70 % brands keeping eye to eye contact for seventy percent of the time.
  4. He must be able to recite the 2P2C (Price, pack, composition, competitors) for at least eight of the ten brands.

Note: A checklist herewith provides a list of must be done tasks to be accomplished by the Day five of the induction. The items completed have to be marked on the checklist and it should be sent to us along with the induction report.
Day two

1. The FLM listening to the detailing from the MR.

2. Asking him questions about the 2P2C (Price, pack, composition, competitors)

3. Give him an opportunity to ask questions and clarify his understanding about the terms in the visual aid,the indications etc.

For field work :

  • Bring the work plan for the day with you
  • Brief him about the day’s work plan.
  • The FLM and MR should do alternate chemist and Doctor calls.
  • After each call please discuss the good points first and then the improvement areas before the next call.
  • Demonstrate a complete and proper RCPA at two chemists. Make sure that you take notes.
  • Take time to go over the process and importance of the RCPA with him before the second RCPA demonstration.
  • Explain the inferences drawn and the application of the information obtained. It is recommended that the FLM must do two RCPA per day for all five days. This will ensure that before leaving the MR on his own, the FLM is well versed with the

1. Important customers in the territory and the brands prescribed by them.

2. The status of our brands and competitors

3. The availability of our brands. The above will help us set our expectations in clear terms and measure / review performance against them. A clear set of expectations in terms of activities, outcomes will provide direction and motivation to our new MR.
Day three

  1. Listen to the detailing and 2P2C as per the assignment given the earlier day.
  2. The first call should be done by the FLM.The later calls should be done by the MR. The FSM must take up calls for demonstration in between as and when required.
  3.  The working on day three should be an assessment of the learnings and practice by the MR.
  4. Plan a stockist / Distributor visit on day three
  5. As an assignment, he must ask for the top purchasing chemist names from the distributor.
  6. These chemists should be included in the list of chemists for regular RCPA by the FLM and the MR.
  7. Discuss the day’s working with him at the end of the day.
  8. Complete the DCR (from the diary) for the day and give assignment.
  9. Remember to compliment him on the good aspects and then talk to him about area for improvement.
  10. Please provide specific actionable inputs.
  11. During the course of the day please explain the stock and sales statement to the MR. 

The following is a list of concepts one must talk about in detail:

1.Secondary sales:

  • The relation to prescription generation.
  • Personal order booking.
  • The advantages of increasing secondary sales.

2. Closing stocks

  • Implications of high closing stocks
  • Outstanding payments

3) Primary sales

  • Secondary sales as a basis for primary sales.
  • The ill effects of isolated high primary sales (ISH)

4) Stocks in transit

  • Why transit stocks?
  • The effect on closing stocks.

5) Expected purchase / order as a function of secondary sales

  • How to calculate and plan for stockist order booking
  • How distributors place orders?

6) Pattern of purchase

  • Preferred pattern of purchase (evenly distributed over the month)
  • Implications and ill effects of skewed and high month end purchases.

7) Sales returns

  • An indication of ill health of a territory.
  • The detrimental effect on career.


  1. The day should start with listening to his detailing for the products assigned the previous day.
  2. Ask questions based on 2P2C (Price, pack, composition, competitors)
  3.  Explain what is a tour program and how to prepare a tour program.
  4. The first call should be made by the FLM
  5. After the first call, MR should be doing the chemist calls and the Doctor calls.
  6. Ensure that he attempts personal order booking.
  7. Explain the link / effects of POB on availability and secondary sales.
  8. Plan and give an opportunity to do at least one RCPA for two brands all by himself.
  9. Explain the impact of prescriptions and chemist working (His earnings)
  10. The FLM shall provide encouragement and feedback for improvement.
  11. Discuss the inferences / implications of the information obtained from the RCPA. Also ask him to plan the actions to be taken in view of the RCPA findings. Your inputs will be very important.
  12. We should be expecting ONE RCPA per day when he starts working individually.
  13. The assignment for day four should include making a tour plan for the next twenty-five days / one month.


RSM PARTICIPATION IN INDUCTION: We recommend that the fifth day the RSM must join the MR / FLM for joint work.

  1. RSM is requested to spend one and a half hour in the morning with the MR
  2. At the end of the day’s work the please read through the DCRs for the past four days. Comment in writting on the report copies.
  3. Kindly instruct the MR in detail how to fill up all columns.
  4.  Emphasize the importance of all columns.
  5. The DCR for the fifth day should be completed by the MR in the presence of RSM.
  6. Please talk about his benefits from writting a complete report and posting on time.
  7. The RSM will listen to visual aid detailing of all the products and complete the detailing evaluation sheet in the induction report.
  8. The RSM should ask for and listen to 2P2C (Price, pack, composition, competitors) for all our brands and complete the evaluation sheet in the induction report.
  9. The RSM must work with the MR on day six and then send the report (including the FLM report) to HO. The RSM is reqested to :
  • Collect the induction report from the FLM.
  • Go through the whole Induction check list completed by FLM and check on each item.
  •  RSM will check the diary for all the four preceding days
  • RSM will sign the induction check list and induction report with his remarks / notes.

The RSM has to ensure that the MR has been handed over the following:

  1. Doctors visit list.
  2. Chemist visit list
  3. Doctor call recorder
  4. Contact numbers of important Doctors and Chemists with locations and call systems
  5. Copies of sales and stock statements of all major stockists in the territory.
  6. Day wise work plan for the next twenty-five days.
  7. DCR pad / copies.
  8. Work diary
  9. Standard tour plan.
  10. Standard fare chart.
  11. Circular copy.

The induction report including the check list signed by the MR, FLM and countersigned by the RSM to be sent to the HO/training department

Proper induction ensures that the newly recruited team member becomes integrated both functionally and socially into the organization and its environment. This instils confidence in him and makes him feel a part of the organization

{Adapted from work experience as PSR/FLM/RM/ASM in my 1st Company Wockhardt}

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