1.0  OBJECTIVE:               To laid down the procedure for operation of Liquid Particulate measuring system (PAMAS)

2.0  SCOPE:                               This procedure is applicable for measuring the particulate matter in SVP finish products.

3.0  RESPONSIBILITY:            Q.C. Chemist, QC officer, QC Executive, Q.C. In charge.

4.0  REQUIREMENTS:            Cleaned beaker, Particle free water, Sample to be analyzed etc


5.1.1 Between two sample intervals flush the instrument with 0.2μ filtered distilled water.
5.1.2 After analysis store the inlet tube in 0.2μ filtered distilled water.
5.1.3  ON the magnetic stirrer before analysis.
5.1.4  Inlet tube tip should not be in touch with rotating stirrer.
5.1.5 Handle the instrument carefully.
5.1.6 Keep the instrument dust free.
5.1.7 Instrument should not move one place to another place.
5.1.8 Switch off the instrument after use.

5.2 OPERATING PROCEDURE    :          

5.2.1 Switch ON the mains.
5.2.2 ON the switch of Instrument and the PC.
5.2.3 Press CPU button to start computer.
5.2.4 Login Pamas icon appears on computer screen to open computer.
5.2.5 Click the Pamas USP icon then go to user login and password, and OK. Now the system is connected to PC.
5.2.6 Click rinse icon on screen  to take the   rinse of   the  instrument before  analysis start.
5.2.7 After completion of  rinsing ,put  the  prepared sample in beaker  for measuring on base carefully  and deep the  tubing.
5.2.8 After completion of  rinsing , click the sample icon on screen and then click new icon, the sample measurement info dialog box appear on screen, fill all sample details in sample measurement info dialog box then click start icon to run the instrument.
5.2.9 In operational condition instrument take automatic syringe filling and injecting operation and on screen Nos, of particles graph appear.
5.2.10 After completion of instrument run, screen show sample meets the requirement in green colour, this shows that the run operation is completed.
5.2.11 After showing the sample meets the requirement, go to print sample icon, print dialog box appear on screen, click the ok icon and then take the print out of particle count report.
5.2.12 After taking print out, click rinse icon to take the rinse instrument.
5.2.13  After completion of analysis activity log out and off the computer and then Switch off the instrument and then  main switch.

Calibration Frequency: Once in year from out side party.

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