Masterclass In AI-based Pharma Marketing I Pre-event Press Release

Pre-event Press Release | Delhi | 18th December

Artificial intelligence, commonly known as “AI,” is a branch of computer science that is helping machines use human intelligence in solving problems. The perks include that the system can be trained as required by the user to get results according to their needs. In today’s world, almost all sectors are using assistance from AI to find meaningful insights from a pool of data to make decisions that might help drive business growth. 

Healthcare is one of those sectors where the application of AI is increasing day by day, and there soon will be a time when all the major decisions inside a company will be driven by the results of machines trained with AI. The most recent space where AI is finding its application is pharma sales and marketing and customer or doctor/physician profiling segmentation. 

In the process of understanding the topic better, PharmaState Academy and Multiplier AI are teaming up to present a live interactive session titled “Masterclass In AI-based Pharma Marketing – Doctor Profiling Segmentation”. This discussion will prove to be an excellent opportunity to learn about the utilization of Artificial Intelligence in the Pharma industry to aid in increased sales and growth.

To know about the level of understanding of the application of AI in the Pharma industry before the webinar, PharmaState Academy conducted three polls over the last week.

The first poll of the survey asked the question “Would you like to attend the upcoming Learning Session on Topic: Masterclass on AI-based Pharma Marketing – Doctor Profiling & & Segmentation?”, to which 95% people gave an affirmation that they are willing to take part in the webinar.

With digital transformation happening in almost every sector, it is high time that healthcare professionals choose upskilling and transformation according to the needs of the 21st century in order to not become redundant in the next 5 years. 

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Another survey addressed the question, “ Is your company providing you with a service where you can get real-time updated data from your doctors’ list?” The survey showed 58% of respondents do not get such assistance from their companies.

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“Do you have an “Automated Mechanism” of getting the “Right Insights” about your “Target Doctors” to build relevant marketing campaigns?” was the third and final question in the survey conducted by PharmaState Academy. This survey revealed that even though 45.5% of people have adopted such mechanisms, the majority i.e 54.5% of people still do not have such facilities. 

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The following are the significant takeaways from the webinar:

  • Collection of top use cases of doctor profiling
  • Insights on Influence mapping of doctors
  • Learn about the physician scoring model and if such analysis can be done for Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities
  • Insightful discourse on 70 different types of data available for clinicians including psychographic analysis for digital leaders & dynamic KOL updates
  • How to make an approach to the N-1 campaign plan
  • The strategy of sizing and development of the medical Science Liaison team ( based on the number of KOLs and sphere of influence)
  • Learn about the process of Identification of speakers/ peer-to-peer influencers, and opinion leaders

The spectators will be able to learn directly from the following speakers:

Vikram Kumar (CEO, Multiplier AI)

Rinkesh Shah (Head Digital Transformation, Mankind)

Sita Kalluri (Former Associate Director, Digital Transformation, Cipla)

You can register yourself for free through the following link.

Anyone interested in Pharma Marketing, Sales, Packaging, Manufacturing, QA, QC, Pharmacovigilance, or Medical Affairs must witness this webinar.

About Multiplier AI:

Multiplier AI assists pharma to make sense of big data, giving marketers and physician relationship teams actionable insights to drive volume and engagement. The platform brings together robust Business Intelligence tools, the most comprehensive and current data, and advanced analytics to produce attributable outcomes. Multiplier’s platform is designed to measure Return on Investment and transform marketing and physician relations teams into revenue and profit centers which include Patient, Consumer, and Physician engagement solutions.