National Medical Commission Missive to RMPs Will In Effect Help Nurturing Eternal Pharma Brands

At the onset, it is important for everyone in Pharma India to know that the National Medical Commission (NMC) has no authority over pharma companies in India.

It has authority only over RMPs the nomenclature which NMC has given to the doctors and the HCPs’ 

Many pharma companies in India have unnecessarily panicked after seeing the recent draft of the Ethical and Medical Registration Board of the NMC on social media.

Some brand managers have been told to freeze all promotional activities like procuring gifts and other promotional activities.

This is an over-reaction!

One medium-sized company aspiring to enter the big league has asked brand managers to divert the budgets for gifts to samples.

Is this the right response? Does it make sense? Especially when the entire pharma industry knows that the RMPs have scant respect for the small gifts or samples.

Small gifts or samples serve only as crutches for the medical representatives who are not trained in science and communication.

Pharma companies should now be laser-focused on transforming the marketing and sales personnel. While the RMPs will be forced to embrace the changes initiated or rather accelerated by the NMC, Pharma India should be proactive.

The initial step is to up-skill foot-soldiers – the medical representatives. Transform them into ‘knowledge workers.

Who are knowledge workers? Do not mistake them for those with elevated levels of technical competence and product knowledge.

A knowledge worker is someone who generates value through their knowledge. They have the potential to drive your brand and business forward. The medical representative of 2027 or 2037 will be a knowledge worker.

For this, transformation in the marketing model is necessary. Pharma India should adopt the Go-To-Patient strategies. This will lead to an H2H Mindset and the natural outgrowth of this is a patient-centered approach to nurturing brands.

Pharma brand managers can start by keeping the outcome in mind – the patient’s long-term health outcome.

Keep patients at the center of all activities. The mind and heart of pharma brand managers should be on the outcome, the patients’ health.

Does a patient-centered approach mean keeping a few patient-information booklets in the RMP’s reception? Or putting up posters? It is much more that!

For instance, just consider the National Health Services (UK) dictum: “No Decision About Me, Without Me.” It is all about increased patient engagement in healthcare decisions. This increases the patient’s access to accurate healthcare information, which will facilitate shared decision-making. Moreover, this dictum will enhance the HCP’s awareness and application of shared decision-making.

Knowledge workers will have a significant role to play in the patient-centered approach in brand building.

The minds of the young pharma brand managers are creative and innovative. Give them the freedom to nurture their fertile minds. Desist from पूछ-पूछ management style.

Pharma brand managers and marketing heads, it is not time to panic – it is time to transform. Adopt Go-To-Patient strategies. This ultimately aids you to adopt a patient-centered approach which is a natural outgrowth of H2H Marketing.

Be grateful to the National Medical Commission whose missive to the RMPs will in effect help you in nurturing eternal pharma brands.

 Written byVivek Hattangadi – Chief Mentor The Enablers & PharmaState Academy