Pharma Area Sales Manager Role and Responsibilities

The Area Manager of a Pharma company is also called Area Business Manager, Area Sales Manager or District Manager.

H/she may have to respond to emails and create reports while travelling on the metro, auto or bus.

As a Medical Representative, if you have an aspiration to become an area manager in a Pharma Company then I think you must first know what all it takes to be a good area manager in a Pharma Company.

If you want to become an area manager within the pharma industry then as a pharma sales representative you should have a good track record of closing sales. time management skills and good knowledge of different pharmaceutical products.

The stability in a career is high if you perform and have people management skills.

If you get promoted within your company, you will usually get a hike of 20 to 25 per cent. And this will give a plus point to your career. It will show that you have leadership skills and have a knack for selling products. You have a learner mindset. You are able to grasp product features and benefits easily and convey the same to the doctors.

Learn as much as you can during the joint call and participate during team and client meetings whenever necessary by putting your valuable inputs. Show your willingness to grow in Pharma Sales.

How can you improve your selling skills?

  • On a daily basis improve your communication skills; you never know what territory can be given to you. Maybe as an MR for 5 to 6 years you are working in Balia but what if you get  an opportunity as an ASM for a region where English is the most preferred language.  
  • Read good sales and marketing books. Why this because you will learn different closing techniques
  • Learn email and telephone etiquettes from your seniors, friends and family members. 
  • Respond but don’t react when the client or senior tests your temper. Patience is the key to success in sales.
  • Keep everyone in the mail wherever necessary, it will eliminate miscommunication. You will spend less time on unnecessary follow-up and reminders
  • Watch motivational videos or listen to podcast to elevate mood and improve selling skills
  • Subscribe to any pharma related magazine or newspaper and read it daily. By doing this you will learn more about pharma, which are the good pharma companies which pay the most, new markets to explore, upcoming exhibitions, seminars, etc.

What are the qualities which you don’t have to cultivate?

Always remember that you were also once a pharma sales representative, so don’t ever let your ego hamper your career. Be humble with everyone, have a one to one conversation with a medical sales representative or Regional Manager to sort out problems.

One another reason is that a medical representative can become a regional manager quickly if h/she performs well.

Who reports to whom?

When you become an ASM within your company or get an opportunity in another company you will get a team of 3 to 6 medical representatives, these numbers may vary from company to company. And they will report to you.

And you will report to the Regional Sales Manager. H/she will ask you about your visit and your team visit, your daily target achievement, etc.

What’s in Joint Call with Medical Representative?

A joint call gives a clear picture of how much work is done by the medical representative. The lead generation part is mainly done by the med reps but sometimes when it is about the closure part the area manager comes into the joint call. As an Area Sales Manager, you step in a joint call conversation and convince the doctor to prescribe your product. When you do this, medical representatives learn a lot from you.  

The best part of the joint call is that the Area Manager introduces med reps to the senior management and Med reps learn from seniors.

What are the major activities of the Pharma Area Manager?

· To ensure accomplishments of set targets at the territory level through team management and market development

· To ensure effective execution of strategies with adherence to company policies

· Motivate and guide pharma sales representatives in the field and team meetings

· Manage and engage existing accounts 

· S/He is also responsible for sales operations and key targets such as gross margin, growth, market share, etc.

· S/she provides job training and classroom training

· Financial control, collections and commercial function of the branch office

· Expert in handling queries and complaints and provide timely resolution

· Coordinate with other functions like marketing and supply chain network

· Keeps an eye on near expiry items and liquidation from Stockiest

· Set up and strengthen the distribution channel on a long-term sustainable model

· Ensure execution of brand Visibility & Merchandising at the outlet level

· Retain team members

Career Path of an Area Manager in Pharma Goes Like This

Area Manager – Regional Sales Manager – Zonal Sales Manager – Deputy General Manager – Vice President – President

Are there any challenges for Area Manager in Pharma?

Be a life-long learner, there is so much to learn about different pharmaceutical products. Become a fast learner, this will surely help to progress. When you learn about pharmaceutical products then only you can train med reps and convince the doctors.

When you love your job there is no problem with 6 days or 7 days a week. You can expect a call from clients or seniors even on Sundays.

Your day may begin at 8:30 AM and end at 10 PM. But when you have time management skill you can manage your all-day work like an expert.


To become an ASM of a pharma company you have to put extra efforts so that pharma sales reps see their idol in you. Always wear a tidy dress whenever there is a meeting with a client so that you can set an example for your junior colleagues. And you must have good body language.

Why I am emphasizing this is because you can’t engage with the client, RSM and MR when there is lethargy in you and untidiness. When you are high on energy everyone welcomes you.

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