Pharma Industry Can Assist Doctors In Case Study Publications For Better Healthcare Outcomes

Event Update, Delhi 21st Feb 2022

Assisting HCPs publishing to create a global impact: Voice of Masters   

The third session of Engaging Doctors Digitally and Beyond in Collaboration with the Taylor and Francis Group was successfully held on 18th Feb 2022.

The speakers are the renowned Doctors of India who have set a benchmark in research and publications:

Dr. Shashank Joshi (Chair, International Diabetes Federation Southeast Asia | Endocrinologist, Joshi Clinic, Lilavati Hospital)

Dr. Archana Singal (Director Professor & Head, Dermatology & STD | University College of Medical Sciences & GTB Hospital)

Dr. Dinesh Pendharkar (Director, Sarvodaya Cancer Institute Faridabad Delhi)

The session started with Dr. Archana Singal sharing her experiences and the challenges faced for getting the articles published. She also emphasized the importance of article reviews in national and international journals.

Dr. Shashank Joshi talked about India’s contribution to global research output. He stressed upon good maintenance of healthcare records. Dr. Joshi also spoke on how the Covid 19 pandemic is an excellent area for research.

Dr. Pendharkar shared his views on open access publishing. He suggested that the postgraduation curriculum must include publishing as a necessary section.

In the end, the interaction included queries from various healthcare and pharma enthusiasts giving an insight into much-needed knowledge on research publications.

This educational series for Pharma Industry is brought to you by in collaboration with Taylor & Francis Group. These sessions will help pharma marketing, medical & sales teams to connect effectively with the Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) through newer digital approaches & strategies for building long-term relationship.

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