The Power of Brand Energy

The other day, a pharma company introduced a new brand in the nutritional-energy segment, BrandEnergex.

The brand provides energy not only to those convalescing but also to those healthy ones, fatigued after a hard day’s work in the office and the stressful commute in the Mumbai local trains.

The senior Area Manager at Thane enjoys the traditional leisurely pace of work. He sighs when his medical representatives or doctors ask questions on BrandEnergex. He is evasive. He looks for an excuse not to respond to the queries fast. His body language communicates ‘drained off energy’ when talking about BrandEnergex.

The young Area Manager at Borivili is excited. He energizes his people, the pharmacists and the doctors. He delights in telling internal and external customers about the real-life cases where people got new power and energy to those prescribed BrandEnergex. His eyes light up when he talks about BrandEnergex.

The difference between the Area Manager at Thane and the Area Manager at Borivili is easy to see.

That difference is purely the BRAND ENERGY they bring during joint fieldwork.

It is such BRAND ENERGY which builds BRAND EQUITY in the pharma world.

It is the passion which drives BRAND ENERGY!

And passion isn’t something you can fake. You cannot. It’s impossible!



Vivek Hattangadi
Chief Mentor at ‘The Enablers’

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