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QR Codes & Data-Matrix Codes | Press Release

Press Release | Delhi | 16th December 2022

PharmaState Academy, a pharmaceutical industry learning and development platform hosted a brainstorming webinar for pharma marketing, sales, packaging, manufacturing, QA, QC, CEO, Director, pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, and other pharma professionals. PharmaState Academy and Chekkit collaborated to bring a live interactive session on QR Codes & Data-Matrix Codes, that will contribute to our understanding of excellent tools for digitizing the pharma industry.

To tackle the problem of spurious and misbranded drugs and the use of digitization in the process, the DCGI (Drugs Controller General of India) ordered the pharmaceutical companies to ordain a 2D barcode and a uniquely generated numeric code to be present on the packaging at all levels of the drug products that are to be made available in the market. The QR code and data-matrix code not only will help pharma companies make the process of production and supply easy but also serve as an excellent medium for the government to keep a check on the products.

Ashok Kumar Bhattacharya (Global Healthcare Consultant), Biplab Lenin (Legal Expert – Pharma & Healthcare at Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas Law Firm), Dr. Chandrashekhar Abhyankar (Pharma Packaging Expert with 30+ yrs experience), Dare Odumade (Founder & CEO, Chekkit Technologies, USA), and Sourav Das (Founder & CEO – MyRx) were the speakers in the session, which was moderated by Dr. Swati Sinha, Marketing Manager at Docplexus.

The webinar speakers and the entire audience were welcomed by Dr. Swati Sinha. Representatives from important pharmaceutical companies as well as students and newcomers attended the event with great enthusiasm. Time was extended for another hour due to in-depth discussions between the speakers and participants.

Our speakers presented a highly engaging discourse on the subject. Mr. Biplab Lenin gave comprehensive insights into the laws that were enforced by the government recently with respect to the inclusion of QR codes and data-matrix codes in the packaging of pharmaceuticals. Further, Dr. Ashok Bhattacharya stated how this will be able to help in making drug recalls hassle-free. Dr. Chandrashekhar Abhyankar highlighted how anti-counterfeiting measures used to be in the early days. They comprised various printing measures to make the label difficult to reprint and a 1-D barcode with limited information. 

Nowadays, lamination procedures, holographs embedded in the packaging, watermarks, and so many other measures are being actively adopted to prevent counterfeiting. The other panel members also shed light on the topic of the addition of hyperlinks to the QR codes and their significance.

The momentary impacts of the Q&A round resulted in a session that was rich in knowledge and lively discourse. The webinar emphasized the topic of drug counterfeiting, which has become a concern in recent years, and how QR codes would perhaps help to control it.

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