SOP for Management of Chemicals used in Purified Water Plant in Pharmaceutical Industry


  1. Objective:

To lay down a procedure for management of chemicals used in purified water plant.

  1. Scope:

This procedure is applicable for chemicals used in purified water plant.

  1. Responsibility:

Engineering, Purchase, Warehouse and QC department.

  1. Procedure:

4.1 Purchase department shall raise PO for procurement of chemicals.
4.2 The chemicals shall be received by warehouse department.
4.3 Warehouse department shall prepare GRN and shall affix quarantine label on chemicals.
4.4 Warehouse department shall inform QC department for sampling.
4.5 QC department shall perform the Identification and assay test of chemicals received.
4.6 QC department shall affix approved label on container if chemicals pass the test.
4.7 Chemicals shall be rejected if it does not pass the test.
4.8 Engineering department shall receive the chemical and shall maintain record for it.
4.7 Below chemicals are used by engineering department:
– NaOCl: Sodium hypochlorite
– NaOH: Sodium hydroxide
– SHMP: Sodium hexa meta phosphate
– NaCl: Sodium chloride
– SMBS: Sodium meta bisulphite

  1. Abbreviations:

QC: Quality control
GRN: Goods receipt note
PO: Purchase order
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