1.0       OBJECTIVE
To lay down a Procedure for operation and cleaning of bottle sealing machine
2.0             SCOPE
This SOP is applicable for bottle sealing machine.
3.0             RESPONSIBILITY
Production Chemist
4.0            ACCOUNTABILITY
Production Manager
5.0           PROCEDURE
5.1      Operational Procedure:
5.1.1    Check that sealing machine is cleaned properly. If not satisfactory clean it with dry lint free Cloth.
5.1.2    Affix the die as per the Cap size and maintain the height of the base plate according to the bottle height with the screw below the base plate.
5.1.3    Put the bottle on the center of the base plate of the machine.
5.1.4    Switch ‘ON’ the machine.
5.1.5    Push the paddle to start the cap sealing and thread the cap with sealing rollers by coming downward.
5.1.6    After sealing of the cap of the bottle, replace it with another bottle and continue the process.
5.1.7    After completion of the sealing operation, clean the machine.
5.1.8    Maintain records of bottle sealing machine as per Format No. PDG/F/09/01.
5.2       Cleaning Procedure:
5.2.1    Affix ‘‘TO BE CLEANED LABEL’’.
5.2.2    Dismantle the die from the central rod, sealing rollers, springs and other parts as soon as the completion of the Cap Sealing operation.
5.2.3    Wash all the parts with 0.1% Teepol solution, then wash it with tap water and clean it with dry cloth.
5.2.4    Clean the upper part of the machine containing motor and gearbox with dry cloth.
5.2.5    Wash the lower part of the machine like bottle base plates with 0.1% Teepol solution and dry with dry lint free cloth.
5.2.6    Affix the ‘CLEAN’ label and cover it.

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