1.0       OBJECTIVE
To lay down Procedure for operation and cleaning of Filter Press
2.0             SCOPE
This SOP is applicable for Filter Press.
3.0             RESPONSIBILITY
Production Chemist
4.0            ACCOUNTABILITY
Production Manager
5.0       PROCEDURE
5.1       Operational Procedure:
5.1.1    Check that all parts are clean & dry.
5.1.2    Affix stage label.
5.1.3    Fit S.S. Plates, frames, and filer pads in correct way and correct position, arrange them in filter chamber, fit the screw. Tighten the lid screw.
5.1.4    Connect the filter press with storage tank outlet valve with clean dry P.V.C.  Pipe.
5.1.5    Open the valve of storage tank and filter press.
5.1.6    Switch on the power supply and start filter press pump.
5.1.7    Keep air vent valve open initially, when solution start to come out close air vent valve. Solution starts to come out from the assembly. Take approximately 100 ml in glass beaker to check clarity of solution. If not satisfactory reset filter assembly and again start filtration.
5.1.8    Continuously monitor the pressure at the pressure gauge fitted on lid of filter assembly. It should not exceed 3.15 kg/cm2  if pressure increase remove filter pad and replace with new pads. Continue the process till filtration over.
5.1.9    Maintain records of Filter Press.
5.2       Cleaning Procedure:
5.2.1    BATCH TO BATCH CHANGE OVER Affix new stage label. Clean solution spillage by wet mop. Start new batch processing. If pressure develops, change the filter pad.
5.2.2    PRODUCT TO PRODUCT CHANGE OVER Affix ‘to be cleaned’ label. Switch off power supply. Open lid of filter assembly, unscrew the filter assembly and pullout whole Assembly. Dismantle the plate & frame unit, filter pad. First clean them with tap water, then with 0.1% liquid soap. Again clean with running tap water. Finally rinse with purified water. Clean filter chamber and lid with nylon brush and running tap water and 0.1% liquid Soap. Again rinse with tap water to remove liquid soap traces. Finally wash it with purified water. Collect rinse sample for absence of previous product. Reassemble the filter assembly after drying with clean cloth. Affix ‘CLEANED’ label.

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