1.0       OBJECTIVE
To lay down a procedure for operation and cleaning of Homogenizer
2.0             SCOPE
This SOP is applicable for Homogenizer.
3.0             RESPONSIBILITY
Production Chemist
4.0            ACCOUNTABILITY
Production Manager
5.0       PROCEDURE
5.1       Homogenization is defined as an intensive mixing of mutually insoluble phases   to obtain a suspension or emulsion.
5.2       Homogenizers are used to blend different kind of liquids uniformly, especially liquids having different properties. Homogenizer actually reduces the size of particles of one material and dissolves it evenly throughout the other material
5.3       Operational Procedure:
5.3.1    Check that all parts are clean & dry.
5.3.2    Affix stage label.
5.3.3    Adjust the required height of equipment with the use of handle
5.3.4    Start the homogenizer for one minute without feeding the material to check its proper functioning.
5.3.5    Start the operation as per BMR.
5.3.6    Maintain records of Homogenizer.
5.3.7    After Completion of operation affix “TO BE CLEANED LABEL”.
5.4       Cleaning Procedure:
5.4.1    BATCH TO BATCH CHANGE OVER Affix ‘‘TO BE CLEANED LABEL.’’ Switch off power supply. Clean outer part with clean lintfree cloth.
5.4.2    PRODUCT TO PRODUCT CHANGE OVER Affix ‘‘TO BE CLEANED LABEL.’’ Switch off power supply. First clean homogenizer with running tape water, followed by 0.1% liquid soap solution. If, necessary rub it with wire brush. Finally wash it with running tap water followed by D.M. water, collect sample from final wash to check absence of previous product. Take care that sticky material does not remain in between the jaw of homogenizer. Affix ‘CLEANED’ label.

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