SOP for Preventive Maintenance of Water Chiller for Blister Machine

1. Objective
To lay down a procedure for preventive maintenance of water chiller for blister machine.
2. Scope
This procedure is applicable for maintenance of water chiller for blister machine.
3. Responsibility
Engineering department
4. Procedure 
4.1 Before start of the activity, switch ‘Off’ the power supply and display under maintenance label.
4.2 Switch ‘On’ the main power supply and start circulation pump. Check for any
abnormal sound and overhaul if required, also check motor bearing, in case of abnormal sound replace its bearing. After verification switch ‘Off’ the power supply.
4.3 Check the circulation pump frame assembly and foundation nut-bolts. Tighten them if found loose and replace with new ones if required.
4.4 Check and clean condenser coil and fins with compressed air.
4.5 Check the thermal relay of pump, if found faulty replace it.
4.6 Check for any leakage from tank, rectify if leakage found.
4.7 Check the refrigerant piping, condensing unit for leakage by using soap solution, rectify if leakage found.
4.8 Check calibration status of temperature sensor and temperature controller.
4.9 Check integrity of switches, push buttons and other electrical accessories in control panel.
4.10 Check the panel wiring for any loose connections, if found loose tighten it.
4.11 Before switching ‘On’ the machine ensure water level is proper and copper chilling coil is fully immersed. Add water if needed.
4.12 Remove the under-maintenance label and switch ‘On’ main power supply.
4.13 Take trial run of the unit.
4.14 Record the observation in annexure.
4.15 Preventive maintenance shall be performed at least once in six months.
5. Abbreviation
SOP: Standard operating procedure.
6. Annexure
Annexure I_Preventive maintenance of water chiller for blister packing machine-converted
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