Fair Process for Superior Strategy Execution in Pharma

Whenever you craft a strategy, for superior strategy execution, adopt the Fair Process i.e. the 3-E Process

3-Es for superior strategy execution


Engagement means involving those who are accountable for strategy execution – THE FIRST-LINE MANAGERS and their immediate superiors, the Regional Heads and even the Zonal Heads.

In crafting the brand strategy, a decision that affects them, solicit their inputs.

Allow them to refute the merits of your case; your thoughts, your ideas or even the proposed new strategy.

Listen to them, not just what they but their body language too,

Allow them to state their ideas and thoughts. Let there be cross-pollination of thoughts.

Encourage a healthy debate about one another’s ideas and assumptions.

This is engagement.

When you engage with the strategy implementers in this manner, you loudly and clearly show your respect for them and their views.

The result? It will change the attitude of people and therefore their behaviour. Better strategic decisions by management and genuine commitment from everyone involved in execution.


Explanation means that everyone involved and affected,  THE FIRST-LINE MANAGERS, the Regional Heads and the Zonal Heads should understand why the final strategic decision on the brand was made.

An explanation of rationale of the new idea builds confidence among THE FIRST-LINE MANAGERS, the Regional Heads and the Zonal Heads.

They will get a great feeling that views have been listened to. Their opinions have been considered in the strategic decision of the brand.

They will appreciate that the strategy decision was  taken impartially in the overall interest of the Pharma, even if their own ideas have been rejected.

This also serves as a powerful feedback loop to enhance learning.

Expectation Clarity.

Expectation clarity means that after a strategy is set, THE FIRST-LINE MANAGERS, the Regional Heads and the Zonal Heads clearly understand the new rules of the game.

Although the expectations may be demanding, they know upfront the standards by which the strategy execution will be judged and the rewards of strategy execution consequences of failure to execute.

When people clearly understand expectations, political jockeying and favouritism are minimized. THE FIRST-LINE MANAGERS, the Regional Heads and the Zonal Heads can focus on executing the strategy rapidly.

Once you adopt the Fair Process, people will go beyond their call of duty Please remember that any subset of the three is inadequate. The three criteria in conjunction alone lead to superior strategy execution.

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Written by:

Vivek Hattangadi
Chief Mentor at ‘The Enablers’

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