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What is marketing? The Grand Guru of Marketing, Philip Kotler says: “First – Identify and define a human problem; a real problem. Then find a solution to the problem”. This forms the basis of H2H Marketing!

How do you apply this in pharma marketing?

Case Study

The NSAID, diclofenac injections were earlier available as 3 ml ampoules in an oily base.

The human problem identified

75 mg diclofenac in 3 ml ampoules had to be administered slowly over 3 to 5 minutes. Oil-based injections are often very painful, sometimes even more painful than the pain of the condition itself. Moreover, they must be administered only in the gluteal region. Besides, oil-based injections aren’t suitable for children.

The solution

A research-based pharma company from Ahmedabad, India (Troikaa Pharmaceuticals) identified this human problem and started working on finding a solution to this real human problem. Their scientists developed an aqueous-based diclofenac injection based on AquaTech Technology. 75 mg could be administered in just 1 ml. The pain of injection was reduced substantially. And slow administration isn’t needed. The injection could be administered even in the muscles of the arms. These injections could be administered safely even to children.


The brand Dynapar AQ Injections went on to be the leader in the category as the scientists at Troikaa found a solution to the human problem.

This is a classic case of H2H Marketing at work.

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