The Race For Your Doctors’ Mind Share! “Understanding the digital gap- What Doctor wants & What Pharma Provides!” | Pre-event Press Release

Pre-event Press Release | Delhi | 24th June 2022

The effectiveness, speed, quality, and responsiveness of business operations across all industries can be dramatically improved by the use of advanced analytics, sensors, and the automation of complicated choices. No exception applies to the healthcare sector!

Pharma, drug, and device manufacturers constantly want to know how doctors want to hear from them and what, if anything, has changed in terms of the typical means of communication with doctors, despite the substantial changes taking place in how doctors interact with digital media and information sources. 

‘I want it now’: the drive for more efficient digital solutions

PharmaState Academy and Docplexus are collaborating to bring you a live interactive session on ‘What doctors want and what pharma gives’- a race for doctors’ mind share that will contribute to the discussion on comprehending the digital gap.

PharmaState Academy has conducted a series of three polls over the past week to better understand how successfully healthcare professionals are able to bridge the digital divide between doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

“Do you believe there is a disconnect between what today’s doctors require and what pharma offers?” Participants in the survey conducted by PharmaState Academy responded more favorably to the yes choice than the no option.

Poll Link 1

Poll Link 2

Another question being asked by PharmaState Academy, “Do you think doctors are looking forward to digital modes of contact from pharma, coupled with face-to-face communication?” and 76 percent of participants responded in the affirmative.

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The final poll in the PharmaState Academy survey asks, “Would you like to attend a webinar on the topic of “Understanding the Digital Gap- What Doctors Want and What Pharma Provides?” which received 91 percent favorably responses for the webinar.

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It suffices to assert that “The innovation cycle will continue despite the fact that engagements and technologies are changing.”

The following are the key takeaways from the PharmaState Academy webinar:

  • How to appropriately implement digital into your brand strategy.
  • Utilizing a medico-marketing approach to support or enhance your field force.
  • Best practices for online outreach and engagement with HCPs.

Participants will be able to learn directly from the following speakers:

Dr. Karthik Anantharaman (Experienced Pharma & Medtech Professional)

Mr. Salil Kallianpur (Digital Brand Coach, Pharma Industry Observer & Professor)

You can do free registration by clicking the link.

Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing Head, BU Head, Product Manager, Group Product Manager, Medical Affairs and whoever has interest in the topic are welcome to attend.