There are three basic classifications of airlocks that are physically the same, but only the pressure cascade regime differs.
Cascade Airlock:- These airlock are very common having higher pressure on one side and lower pressure on another side. In this system positive air pressure flows from the higher pressure internal zone to be airlock and from the airlock to the lesser lower pressure grade area. This prevents to entry dust and contamination from outside to airlock and from airlock to inner side. This types of airlock commonly used airlock in Tablet manufacturing facilities where higher pressure is in corridor than cubicle to keep the drug inside the cubicle.
Bubble Airlock:– These types of airlock having higher pressure inside the airlock and lower pressure both outside. It creates a barrier where contaminants within either area pushed back into their own respective areas. This type of airlock is commonly used in injectables manufacturing facilities so that air contaminants from outside may not contaminate drug substance.
Sink Airlock:- Airlocks having lower pressure inside the airlock and higher pressure on both sides of the airlock. This airlock pulls air from both adjacent areas creating a low pressure barrier and reduces the opportunity of contaminations passing to the internal zone. It is commonly used in manufacturing facilities of harmful substances like poisons.
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