Using Free Tools for Designing Contents | Pre-Event Press Release

Pre-event Press Release | Delhi | 24th September 2022


The brand is the story, Design is the storytelling.

– Susan Sellers


The Pharma industry is embracing digital with content taking center stage. Pharma professionals and companies need to create content to target the right customers and deliver their information properly.

Designing content is a way of thinking. Making thoughtful, fact-based choices about a webpage’s usability, accessibility, and readability is the goal. The behavior of users interacting with your content is taken into account by the content design framework.

And there are design tools to help you out! 


The Internet is full of free design tools and resources that let you create beautiful visuals and designs without having to spend a dime. From creating flow charts and diagrams to designing logos and creating visual content, there are so many options at your disposal that are completely free. All you need to do is pick a tool you like, sign up, and get started. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the tools are designed to help everyone get creative and share their work with the world. 


Making use of design tools is the best way to spark your creativity. Furthermore, to enhance the learning experience, PharmaState Academy is hosting the sixth session of its digital tech in pharma series on the topic “Using Free Tools for Designing Contents”.

As we all know, free design tools make it much easier to create something attractive and original than you might think. PharmaState polled participants on the question, “Would you like to attend a webinar to learn 21 Free Tools to create Graphics, Content, and Designs & More for Your Social Media & Websites?” With the response of flexing more on option YES rather than NO.


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The thought remains…

Our consumers scan than just read the content. It’s important to comprehend how users consume content in order to design content that best meets their needs.

The following will be the key learnings from the webinar hosted by PharmaState Academy:


  • Using Free Tools for Designing Contents

  • When free tools can be really useful

  • Implementation of free tools in digital marketing strategy


Participants will be able to learn directly from Sourav Das (CEO – MyRx).


You can do free registration by clicking the link.

Pharma professionals who are interested in learning the implementation of the latest digital technology in the pharma industry are welcome to attend.