Using “Microsites” for Pharma Brand Growth

Pre-event Press Release | Delhi | 11 May 2022

The worldwide Internet continues to expand at a frenetic pace, bringing with it new means of trading, communicating, learning, socializing, and affecting almost every facet of daily life. Hundreds of landing pages featuring items, ebooks, blog entries, and videos may be available on the company’s website. While a well-designed site architecture should make it easy for users to browse the site, it’s preferable to keep things even simpler.

The real challenge is how to find the right information among hundreds of pages of information on a website. 

This is when “microsites” come into play! Microsites were initially utilized in 1999 as a “one-stop-shop” for all content related to a specific topic/event. Previously, an organization’s primary website served as the one source of all information.

A microsite, as the name implies, is a mini-website for a brand’s content. These web pages are frequently created by brands for a single event or promotion. It is useful because it allows users to view information on an event or campaign in one spot without having to navigate the entire site.

“Microsites can do “wonders” for Pharma brand promotion when handled correctly. Do you understand what a Microsite is?” PharmaState Academy surveyed participants on the question, and 36.36 percent of those polled said yes, with nearly equal 37.37 percent lacking in-depth understanding of the topic.

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“Have you ever considered developing a “Microsite” for your Pharma Brand?” asks another PharmaState Academy poll. With 59.28 percent in favour, that receives a favorable response.

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PharmaState Academy survey includes the final poll on the topic “Would you like to attend a webinar on the topic of “Microsites” for Pharma Brand Growth?” which earned 90.24 percent positive feedback for the Microsite learning webinar.

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As per a poll posted by Vivek Hattangadi “Personally, my understanding of microsites for pharma branding is limited, On this subject, an expert would speak to us. Would you like to come along?” had a response rate of 83% willing to attend the webinar.

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Microsites are a component of the rapidly expanding digital communication ecosystem that can be used to help pharma brands grow. Every pharmaceutical practitioner should be familiar with digital concepts in pharma and their direct applicability.

The webinar which is scheduled to be hosted by PharmaState Academy can provide the following learnings to the participants:

●      What exactly are microsites?

●      How Can Microsites Help Brand Growth?

●      Digital technology implementation in the pharmaceutical business.

●      What is going on in the pharmaceutical business in terms of microsites?

Participants will be able to learn directly from the following speakers:

Vivek Hattangadi (Chief Mentor – PharmaState Academy & Pharma Industry Veteran) and Sourav Das (CEO – MyRx).

Pharma professionals who are interested in learning implementation of the latest digital technology in the pharma industry are welcome to attend.

You can do free registration by clicking the link


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