Omnichannel communication strategy in pharma

Why Pharma Need Omni Channel Communication Strategy? | Press Release

Press Release | Delhi | 22nd July 2022

“Omnichannel experiences don’t just happen; they require planning, development, testing, implementation and ongoing optimization. They are insight- and data driven, dynamic and highly personalized.”

– Jim Ruiz, Senior Director, Relationship Marketing at Intouch Solutions

PharmaState Academy, a learning and development platform for the pharmaceutical industry, hosted a high-value learning webinar for pharma professionals interested in learning about how to implement the latest digital technology in the industry. PharmaState Academy provides a live interactive session on Omni Channel Communication strategy titled “Why Pharma Need Omni Channel Communication Strategy?”

Pharma companies are becoming more confident in balancing traditional and digital channels. True omnichannel engagement, on the other hand — the convergence, management, and customizing of consumer interactions across various channels to meet the profile-specific needs of Healthcare personnel — has been the Phantom of marketing operations.

The session starred Sourav Das (CEO – MyRx) and was moderated by Shazia Sheikh, Project Manager at PharmaState Academy. Due to the speakers’ and participants’ frequent acknowledgements, time continued and extended for another half hour. Professionals in digital marketing also actively contributed during the webinar.

Sourav Das led the webinar and provided pertinent information on omni channel and how it relates to the pharmaceutical sector in several ways. The discussion focused on the leaders in the pharmaceutical industry’s perspectives on the industry’s digital demands.

“Would you visit multiple channels if it was same message everywhere?”

Any marketing strategy’s ultimate objective is to improve the consumer experience. Is a consistent experience or the same message distributed through all channels what matters in omnichannel marketing?

What functions do the teams for marketing, sales training, and customer excellence play in omni channel marketing? Which specific task is crucial to omnichannel marketing’s success?

How effective will digital marketing be for companies that aren’t the industry leaders in their niche?

Likewise, numerous questions were raised and eloquently handled by the speaker during the live event, and the discussion provided participants with an in-depth understanding of the topic.

Sourav Das correctly pointed out that every pharma company, startup, or MNC has already started to make their brand and themselves available in numerous channels, whether physical or digital.

The session was full of knowledge and robust conversation due to the direct events of the Q&A round. The webinar addressed many pharma-related questions about omnichannel strategy, reviving the sensible discussion with significant change.

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