Why should pharma use QR codes for Doctor and Patient Engagement?

Press release | Delhi | 26th April 2022

With only a quick scan, you can obtain all of the information regarding the pharmaceutical product. In that way, it has the potential to reduce incidents of incorrect medication and counterfeit medication.

–       Dr. Natalja Genina, University of Copenhagen, Ph.D.

PharmaState Academy, a learning and development platform for the pharmaceutical industry, hosted a high-value learning webinar for Pharma Marketing, Sales, Packaging, Manufacturing, QA, QC, CEO, Director, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Affairs, and all others involved in the pharma sector. PharmaState Academy held a live interactive session on QR Code Technology titled “Use of QR Code For Doctors & Patient Engagement by Pharma”. QR codes can be scanned to gain access to multiple applications. The pharmaceutical sector can also leverage this technology in its healthcare solutions, as well as for doctor interaction and patient education.

The webinar hosted Pawan V. Kulkarni (GM – Corporate Strategy, J B Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd) and Sourav Das (CEO – MyRx). Strong business acumen is developed via experience, and the speakers backed it up with their own.

 “Don’t think outside the box; think about what we can do with the box.”

 Dr. Swati began the session, which welcomed a significant proportion of attendees. Due to the speaker’s and participants’ frequent acknowledgments, time continued and extended for another half hour.

 “The website may be a phishing site. How can a layperson learn only by looking at a QR code?”

“How do laws and regulations regard QR codes or the digitization of medical information directed at doctors?”

Similarly, with over 20+ questions being asked and elegantly addressed by both presenters throughout the live event, the interaction provided attendees with an in-depth understanding of the topic.

Pawan V. Kulkarni began the seminar by discussing the “History of QR code technology and usage penetration, as well as success dependency.” He also provided the main idea to gaming, tutorial engagement, adherence, and customer retention, as well as insights on the future of QR code technology, which Saurav Das demonstrated practically during the session.

The seminar was rich in knowledge and vibrant conversation as a possible consequence of the events of the Q&A round. As Dr. Swati presented several technology-related pharma queries, the discussion is enlivened by a remarkable conversion. “Even if you don’t like it, we’re doing it!” as Pawan V. Kulkarni correctly stated, and this has been correctly observed by all participants.

About the Speaker:

 Pawan V. Kulkarni is a marketing enthusiast with more than 20 years of expertise in sales, advertising, and marketing. He has experience developing and managing significant brands and portfolios in a variety of therapeutic areas.

 Sourav Das is the CEO of MyRx, a PharmaState Academy collaborative partner. With over a decade of expertise in the Healthcare IT industry, he has been an innovative Project Management Executive. 

Glimpses of the webinar:

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