Case Study – Managing Your Boss!

Can You Manage Your Boss?

Case Study Based Learning#2

This Case Study has been adapted from Peter Drucker.

"It is said that You Cannot Choose Your Manager and Parents"

But Is It Possible To Manage Your Boss?

So, Book A Date With Us To Learn
"How To Manage Your Boss Like a Pro?”


The distinguished panel will discuss “Can you manage your boss?”

You may also end up in learning “How to manage your husband/wife” 

Ajay Bhatt

President - Global Human Resources, Intas


Shashin Bodawala

Former Director – Business Excellence, Go To Market, International Business, Boehringer Ingelheim

Ajay Vaishampayan

Vice President – HR
UltraTech Cement

Dr. Swati Sinha

Certificate will be awarded to the participants who register as well as attend the live learning session.

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