Does H2H Mindset Matter to the CFO and the CHRO?

Does H2H Mindset Matter to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)?

I distinctly recall what Philip Kotler said on the PharmaState Academy platform on his 90th birthday.

‘The H2H Mindset has to be imbibed by all in the corporate!’ And that includes the CFO and the CHRO.

The CFOs and CHROs can play a critical role in design thinking, the second pillar of the H2H Mindset; as design thinking leads to innovation, and innovation leads to exponential growth.

In pharma, it is not just the prerogative of the marketing and R&D / F&D teams to lead design thinking and innovation. Align the finance and the human resource leaders in this process. The CFOs and the CHROs are the resource chowkidars (gatekeepers). Traditionally, they are often perceived by marketers as ‘Mr./Ms. No’ when it comes to releasing the financial and human resources for design thinking and innovation!

Aren’t the CFOs and the CHROs therefore, the important resource enablers for design thinking and innovation?

Marketing, R&D / F&D, human resource leaders, and finance leaders together can create something from what did not exist! And this when done month after month and year after year will lead your firm to the next level.   

I firmly believe that innovation is not an ideas problem but a resource allocation problem. In the last 48 years of my corporate and non-corporate experience in the pharma industry, I have never come across a firm that lacks ideas. The challenge is to unleash design thinking and innovation by giving the people the resources they need.

When CMOs, R&D / F&D Heads, CFOs, and the CHROs together soak themselves in the H2H Mindset, the exponential growth of the firm is bound to happen.

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