H2H Mindset and Collaborative Branding

H2H Marketing follows a highly integrative and collaborative approach. Therefore, a pharma brand cannot be viewed separately but rather it must be integrated into the subsystem of H2H Marketing.

What is collaborative branding? First, recall the new definition of marketing as postulated by Philip Kotler. Relate your brand to the solution of a human problem (H2H problem) and find a solution. This is the best way to create a meaningful brand identity. And who can define the human problem better than the end-user, the patient? The padocumer?

Collaborative marketing is when you collaborate with your padocumers on marketing initiatives. You co-create your brand along with the padocumers. It is the practice of collaborating with the padocumers directly as peers, in designing and innovating a new solution keeping the human problem in mind. This happening more often than before in the pharma industry.

Case Study

For a long, scientists from Novo Nordisk are exploring novel technologies as alternatives to syringes and pen injectors, by co-creating with the padocumers. The human problem? The inconvenience and pain in administering insulin injections. The worst affected are the juvenile diabetics. By listening to the padocumers,  Novo Nordisk is co-creating new devices that safely and effectively deliver biologic medicines through oral administration.

“Working with teams of scientists continues to be a unique opportunity for Novo Nordisk to live out our aspiration of bringing transformational new solutions to patients by thinking big, working with the best, and using our distinct capabilities to aim to achieve what might otherwise seem impossible,” said Marcus Schindler, Ph.D., professor, executive vice president and chief scientific officer of Novo Nordisk.

“Our group at MIT strives to combine engineering and medicine to solve important problems and find the best ways to get those solutions to the people who need them,” added Robert Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor at MIT. “Our work together with Novo Nordisk has shown that they share this vision, and we are thrilled to expand into this ambitious new program together”. Clinical development of the robotic pill is underway at Novo Nordisk.

This is a great example of collaborative work amongst the stakeholders to address the human problem faced by humans with diabetes.

This is what H2H Mindset is all about!

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Reference:  Novo Nordisk Expands Research Collaboration in Novel Delivery Technologies for Biologic Medicines (8 March 2022), Available on https://www.novonordisk.com/news-and-media/news-and-ir-materials/news-details.html?id=105110. Accessed on 12 March 2022

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