Like Digital Transformation, H2H Mindset Transformation Needed

Prof. Dr. Waldemar Pförtsch (Pforzheim University) and Prof. Dr. Uwe Sponholz (Würzburg-Schweinfurt University) the co-authors of the book H2H Marketing opine that: “Sustainable improvement of the world and human-oriented marketing, that not only sounds ambitious but also contemporary is overdue, at least as far as the mindset, is concerned”.

This is all the more true for the pharmaceutical industry where humans are ailing and many are not in a proper frame of mind.

  • The authors ask: “Why is marketing repeatedly accused of a one-sided and sometimes aggressive concentration on “selling” in the sense of “outwitting the customer”?
  • Isn’t this true for the pharmaceutical industry too?
  • Introducing the padocumers (patients and doctors as consumers and customers) “why” into the innovation process of a pharma product development is the foremost task of pharma marketing. This is because identifying and defining  the human problem, the patients problem, and then finding a solution is of utmost importance.  It is co-creating with patients and doctors.

It may even entail cooperating instead of competing with your competitors. This is disruptive and almost unheard of in the pharma industry.

Like digital transformation, a transformation to a brand new mindset is needed – the H2H Mindset. Therefore, original book in the German Language is titled “Das Neue Marketing-Mindset” – The New Marketing Mindset.

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