Making Brand Communication More Effective – The H2H Way

How do you make your brand communication more effective? Bring back the human side of communication.

Brand communication is much more than merely transmitting the information. Making it emotional and simple for padocumers (padocumer = patient and doctors as consumers) to understand is a challenge. Accept it.

Too often you complicate what you are trying to say. Make brand communication so simple that doctors easily understand what you are trying to tell, without making them burn their brain calories.

For instance, do not use acronyms. Do not use GERD. Instead, use ‘gastro-esophageal-reflux-disorder’. Don’t use PD; instead, use Parkinson’s disease. Your brain spends more time trying to decipher what acronyms mean instead of focussing on actual thoughts  

Ironically, as the world becomes more and more padocumer-owned, and socially enabled, you continue to see pharma communication getting more complicated, redundant, and over-technical.

Overthought mass messages get pushed out and lost in the ether, as no one understands.  Think like the padocumer – put yourself in the mindset of the patient and the doctor.  

When padocumers understand the emotions behind what you are saying with a solid USP, they can more easily share their experiences and even the perceived value of your brand, with others. 

To do that, align your communication with the experiences of the padocumers in the form of stories related to real problems padocumers faced and the solution which your brand offers.

Your focus should be on helping your padocumers, not driving sales.  And patients are first humans! That’s Human-to-Human (H2H) Communication

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