Viewpoint: Manufacture and sale of banned drugs in Northern region

It is unfortunate that despite the Government’s best efforts the supply of illegal medicines has not stopped. The major market for such medicines is Punjab and the major suppliers are located in the neighboring state of Himachal Pradesh. The Baddi-Barotiwala -Nalagarh belt is the hub of Pharmaceutical manufacturers . Many small and medium sized units in this belt have become sick owing to lack of in depth knowledge of pharma manufacturing as the promoters just jumped in from other businesses at the time when H.P Government offered special package to them. They have incurred heavy bank loans and are not able to run the plants viably. So, some of them have started manufacturing illegal medicines which sells at huge margins thus helping them to survive. 

Drug authorities of H.P , Punjab , Haryana and Chandigarh must form a joint forum to curb the menace. There should be relentless raids on all units with suspicious activities not only at the level of manufacturer but also the printing press where the packing material for these drugs are printed. Sometimes, the illegal drug is also manufactured illegally under the banner of a major company who already has got licence to sell the same . The raiding team should be provided sufficient security since we recently saw a young female drug officer in Punjab got killed by the mafia .Most illegal medicines are manufactured during night time when only a limited staff close to the management is present at the plant . So , vigil during night time is a must to nab the drug criminals who are destroying the  future generation of our great nation . To check the menace at retail level there should be a separate task force .

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Vidhyasha Pharmaceuticals

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